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We are a dynamic grassroots movement of young people from diverse backgrounds ready to speak up, step up, stand up, and organize

Opportunity Youth United is a solutions-oriented movement of young adults who have experienced poverty and are dedicated to creating a society with opportunity and responsibility, love and respect, education and employment, justice and equality for all. We are Black, White, Native American, Latino, Asian, and Mixed Heritage.  We are from all different religions, genders and sexual preferences, and geographical areas.

Our vision is a nation where all young people can reach their highest potential and noblest aspirations in the context of supportive, healthy, and inclusive communities.

Phoenix CAT
Seattle CAT

The Anchoring Organization for the Seattle CAT is SOAR, a community coalition working together to promote the healthy development of children, youth and families in Martin Luther King County and to

New Orleans CAT

The New Orleans CAT, led by Tulane University, was launched at the 2016 Jobs for The Future Summit in June 2016. Ryan Dalton, also a member of the NCYL, is the organizer.

Chicago CAT

The Chicago CAT is organized by the Alternative Schools Network, which envisions a global community where every individual has access to equal educational and employment opportunities.

Jarrett Jones
Chicago, IL 41° 52' 41.2104" N, 87° 37' 47.2728" W

Jarrett was born and raised on the south side of Chicago where he participated in community-based organizations as an adolescent, beginning with City Year Young Heroes.

Timothy Gunn
Charleston, South Carolina 32° 46' 35.31" N, 79° 55' 51.7836" W

Timothy is an assistant team leader for the Sustainability Institute, helping young people learn energy retrofitting. He was Corps member of the Year in 2015.

Organization: The Corps Network

Sacramento Youth Alliance Community Action Team
Sacramento, California

The Sacramento Youth Alliance Community Action Team is a coalition of diverse young people ages 16 to 24 who train, mobilize and organize their peers to work together to increase opportunity and decrease poverty for youth in the Sacramento area.

The SYA CAT launched on February 5, 2016 at the “Black Minds Matter” informational briefing sponsored by the California Legislative Black Caucus and Education Trust–West where two young men testified about the challenges and opportunities they encountered in the California Public School System. The Sacramento CAT is led by AES, a small nonprofit dedicated to being an advocate and ally for all vulnerable California students. Learn more.

Los Angeles CAT

The Los Angeles Community Action Team launched on February 11, 2016 at the 100k Opportunities Job and Forum led by Starbucks and 32 other companies where 6000 youth attended the job fair and 1,000

Kimberly Pham
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 39° 57' 9.3024" N, 76° 9' 54.7992" W

Kimberly Pham is a Youth Advocate, student at Temple University, where she majors in social work, and young professional who serves with the Philadelphia Academies Inc., providing students with exposure and preparation for college and career pathways. 

Jamiel L. Alexander
Sponsoring Organization: YouthBuild USA
York, Pennsylvania 41° 0' 0" N, 76° 43' 39.882" W

Jamiel L. Alexander is the Senior Fellow for Aspen Institute’s Forum for Community Solutions. In this role he coordinates AFCS youth engagement strategy.

Sponsoring Organization: YouthBuild USA

Gilbert Bonafé
College Advising Corps
Greencastle, Pennsylvania 39° 47' 25.3356" N, 77° 43' 39.9756" W

Gilbert Bonafé, Jr. is the School Program Coordinator for Higher Edge creating programs that assist high school students through the college process.

Sponsoring Organization: College Advising Corps

Shawnice Jackson
Public Allies
Baltimore, Maryland 38° 41' 25.386" N, 76° 0' 0" W

Shawnice Jackson is a young nonprofit professional committed to building better and stronger pathways to opportunity for underserved and at-risk youth through mentoring, service, and advocacy.

Sponsoring Organization: Public Allies

Megan Gregory
National Congress of American Indians
Anchorage, Alaska 61° 13' 5.0016" N, 149° 54' 1.0008" W

Megan Gregory, 26 is originally from Keex Kwaan (Kake, AK), and is of the Ch’aak’ (Eagle)/Wooshketon (Shark) Clan of the Tlingit Tribe and a member of the Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian T

Philan Tree
The Corps Network
Tolani Lake, Arizona Navajo Reservation 36° 4' 1.9812" N, 109° 11' 16.818" W

Philan Tree is currently interning as an assistant to the Coconino County District 4 Supervisor, tasked with community relations and communications between her office and tribal communities. 

Sponsoring Organization: The Corps Network

Raechal Perez
College Advising Corps
Los Angeles, California 35° 3' 8.0424" N, 120° 14' 37.266" W

Raechal works with Trio Talent Search at UC Berkeley and is currently attending Cal State East Bay to acquire her Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in management and policy. 

Sponsoring Organization: College Advising Corps

Dominique Jones
Year Up
Oakland, California 37° 48' 15.7104" N, 122° 16' 16.0104" W

Dominique Jones, known artistically as Dom Jones, is an entrepreneur, author, orator, performer, graduate of the Year Up program and a student at Berklee College. Sponsoring Organization: Year Up

Humberto Palacios
National Guard Youth Foundation
Santa Ana, California 33° 44' 44.0628" N, 117° 52' 4.2024" W

Humberto Palacios attends Santa Ana College and dreams of becoming an internet entrepreneur.

Sponsoring Organization: National Guard Youth Foundation

Ramean Clowney
Jobs for the Future
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 39° 57' 9.3024" N, 74° 38' 11.4792" W

Ramean is a Chief Youth Ambassador for the Philadelphia Youth Network. Aspired to one day run for a seat on the Philadelphia City Council, intends to study political science at Howard University, and eventually attend law school. 

Sponsoring Organization: Jobs for the Future

Shanice Turner
Year Up
Atlanta, Georgia 33° 44' 56.382" N, 84° 23' 16.7352" W

Shanice Turner at United Way of Greater Atlanta on its Atlanta Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund Initiative as a Education Department as a Post-Secondary Support Specialist.

Sponsoring Organization: Year Up

Francisco Garcia
Public Allies
Phoenix, Arizona 33° 26' 54.1572" N, 112° 4' 26.5332" W

Francisco is an international artist and social entrepreneur that creates murals and artwork that are created with community and contain empowering themes about immigration, justice, faith, and Chicano culture. He is also a Youth Development Specialist through Public Allies and AmeriCorps.

Sponsoring Organization: Public Allies

Deon Jones
Be The Change, Inc
Washington, DC 38° 24' 25.8912" N, 77° 2' 12.7356" W

Deon Jones is a special project assistant to the president at Be The Change Inc., and the founder and facilitator of the Manifest Leadership Institute.

Sponsoring Organization: Be the Change, Inc.


Lashon Amado
YouthBuild USA
Boston, Massachusetts 43° 21' 36.2988" N, 71° 3' 31.968" W

 Lashon Amado is poised for a future career in criminal justice. He serves as a local and national student leader, participating in speaking engagements across the country.

Sponsoring Organization: YouthBuild USA

Teresa Rivera
Public Allies
Bronx, New York 40° 50' 13.38" N, 73° 51' 55.548" W

Teresa Rivera is a social activist, born and raised in the Bronx. Teresa is dedicated to providing young people with a safe space to advocate for themselves and reach their full potential.

Sponsoring Organization: Public Allies

Boston CAT

The Boston Community Action Team has over 50 young people and representatives from ten organizations. Stanley Pollack and Leon Rivera from the Center for Teen Empowerment in Boston.

Julie Jent
Partners for Education Berea College

Julie Jent is majoring in Political Science at Berea College. She is in a study program with Partners for Education where she utilizes a place-based, student-focused approach to improve educational opportunities.

Sponsoring Organization: Partners for Education Berea College

Tekoa Hewitt
Gateway to College National Network
Flint, Michigan 43° 0' 45.0972" N, 83° 41' 14.8416" W

Tekoa Hewitt is a student in the honors program at Gateway to College Program at Mott Community College and mentoring other Gateway students trying to make the transition to college.

Sponsoring Organization: Gateway to College National Network

Adam Strong
YouthBuild USA
Jackson, Kentucky 37° 33' 11.3256" N, 83° 23' 0.6468" W

Adam Strong is a YouthBuild graduate currently working as a Medical Laboratory Scientist at Hazard ARH hospital. Assisting and working with doctors, validating results for diagnoses he aspires to one day become a doctor himself. 

Sponsoring Organization: YouthBuild USA

Ryan Dalton
Youth Leadership Institute
New Orleans, Louisiana 29° 57' 3.8376" N, 90° 4' 17.5152" W

Ryan Dalton, 26, has formerly worked as a trainer and manager for Café Reconcile’s Workforce Development training program in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.  

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