We envision a community that is empowered and educated to know that every individual’s actions matter—that what you do, what you buy, whether you vote, whether you help your neighbors, matters. We need role models and leaders to carry out campaigns for engagement, for building social, financial, educational, and cultural capital. We would like to see residents of all ages volunteering to benefit the community. We would also aim to break the cycle of dependence and generate opportunity for residents to take responsibility for themselves and their community.

Some specifics in our vision include:

  • Access to basic services like low-cost public transportation, public health clinics, affordable housing, good public schools, weatherized homes, child care, healthy food, and neighborhood gardens
  • Special attention to the needs of tribal and rural communities for low cost public transportation, broadband access, and rights to natural resources especially including water
  • Voter registration, education, and engagement
  • Youth forums to strengthen youth knowledge and voice
  • A process of engaging youth in mapping the assets and needs of their communities and making these known to others, using a zip code search process
  • Basic community organizing, knocking on every door, to engage people in community improvement projects
  • A full array of positive recreational activities including football, basketball, soccer, music and art
  • Support for small business and nonprofit development: training, capital, loans, fundraising assistance


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