Support Diversion and Reentry Programs in the Justice System

Enable people to get themselves back on track.

We must focus on better re-entry pathways and supports for people coming out of lockdown and out of the justice system, whether the juvenile or the adult programs. We need second chances for youthful offenders to rebuild their lives through community-based supports, high-quality education, and re-entry programs smoothing the path to employment, education, and community service.

We must also prioritize reducing disparities in juvenile justice; too many young people of color are referred to the system for infractions that do not land their non-minority peers in handcuffs or lockup. In addition, we must address root causes and end the pipeline to prison for children and youth. Too many of our peers are expected to be dead or in jail before they are 25, and many internalize this expectation for themselves. We see evidence all around us that this is what happens in our neighborhoods when young men and women fall off track. It appears that the pipeline to prison has been well laid. We need young people to have ways to break this cycle.