Policy Solutions

Our commitment is to bring together people of all backgrounds to create a society in which all people are equally respected and welcomed with liberty and freedom, opportunity and responsibility, justice and love, for all. For this reason, everything we do is rooted in our guiding principles, described below.


Action for change must be grounded in love, led by moral and spiritual consciousness, to transform societies and individuals.


We must lead by example, taking responsibility and being accountable to others and to ourselves for all of our actions, knowing that we must be role models for our peers.

Forgiveness & Empathy

We must forgive others and ourselves, with empathy, understanding the full reality faced by all of us.


Community Empowerment

We must empower our peers and the residents in our communities to overcome their feelings of powerlessness, apathy, and fear, to work together proactively to create stronger communities in which everyone is committed to everyone else’s well being, where we take care of each other, correct each other, and love each other. We must organize, vote, become active, and take charge and responsibility for our lives and communities.


We must be inclusive, refusing to stereotype any group of people or any individual.


We must make ourselves visible, tell our stories and our truth to influential people who are uninformed and insulated from the twin oppressions of poverty and racism. We believe if they truly hear us, many of them will care and join with us. We must equally become visible to other young people who need to see that it is possible to transcend the obstacles they face and to find pathways to productive citizenship.


We must encourage more collaboration and less competition among nonprofits that have been pressured by resource shortages to be in competition for limited funds. We need them to be in collaboration to expand the resources, and to share their knowledge and resources with each other, on our behalf.

Accountability for results

We must be willing to look critically at results, asking programs that we support to track demographics, outcomes and return on investment.


Respect for faith

We must respect each other’s sources of faith and spirituality, accepting differences and welcoming the strength that comes from different religious faiths.


We must remain humble and committed, remembering that good works are always in service to others, not to promote our own careers.


We must take seriously the responsibility to plan and move systemati­cally toward our individual futures and the futures of our organizations and our world.


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