Lashon Amado

National Coordinator, Community Action Teams of Opportunity Youth United

Lashon graduated from a local YouthBuild program in Brockton, MA in 2008 and remains a part of the movement. He is now working on his Masters in Nonprofit Management at Northeastern University (Boston, MA). His passion for social justice stems from his experience as a young man growing up in a low-income community where he faced many challenges himself. Lashon feels obligated to give back and help drive change for disadvantaged populations who face similar obstacles and feel they do not have a platform to have their issues heard. His favorite quote: “It’s going to take the community to save the community!”

Lashon serves as the National Coordinator for Community Action Teams for OYU. In this role, he works with young people, organizations and community leaders in cities across the nation to help build the OYU movement through City Action Teams (CATs). The CATs work to create a collective local agenda for creating pathways to reconnection, increasing civic engagement, and mobilizing their young people to be at the forefront of driving real change.

Sponsoring Organization: YouthBuild USA