Breeana Melick

Power Labs Winner

Salon owner & master artist, Breenna, set out to change the beauty industry narrative of salons being a space of gossip and competition amongst women & in turn, Total Beauty was born; a place of sisterhood & opportunity for stylist and clients alike. Total Beauty Salon & Spa is a boutique style salon promoting self-love through greater self-care physically, emotionally & mentally. A space where women can embrace the beauty of their entire being. Total Beauty offers services (Nails, Pedicures, Permanent Cosmetics, Hair & More) that promote self-preservaTIon while providing a space for women (stylist & clients) to connect, release stress, be empowered, and forge long term professional and social relationships as well as individual and collective growth through collaboration & coaching. Bree’Ana has a passion for motivating young women to become their best selves despite the obstacles ahead. With a background in social sciences and working in the field of social services for 6 years doing various crises work, direct service, & with personal experience- she has firsthand knowledge of what life can look like when you’re not functioning as your best self and is an advocate for work life balance and promoting mental wellness. Bree’Ana is known by her beloved clients, community members, & fellow beauty artist as an educator, mentor, and friend in the industry! Bree’Ana Most recently being honored by StyleSeat, the go to booking pla_orm that connects clients to professionals in their area, with the “Wisdom Award” for the education and Insight she provides to others. Aside from providing services to clients & coaching other beauty professionals, Bree’Ana enjoys community engagement events where she can share her love for the industry, passion for mental wellness, and collaborate to create unity within the beauty industry.