• We are a national movement of young leaders, united to increase opportunity and decrease poverty in America.

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In the United States, 4.6 million young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are neither in school nor working. About half of us are living in poverty.

Opportunity Youth United is a movement of young leaders who represent the real lives behind these numbers. We have suffered all manner of difficulties related to poverty and discrimination, have transcended them with the help of caring adults and excellent programs, and are dedicated to coming together to create a society in which it is recognized that all people are created equal, where there is liberty, opportunity and responsibility, justice and love, for all.  That is the America we aim to create in our lifetimes. Who we are.

Together, we will transform our nation through love and civic engagement.



OYUnited works to improve policies and strengthen civic engagement, at both the local and federal levels. Our Recommendations to Increase Opportunity and Decrease Poverty in America call for expanding pathways out of poverty for Opportunity Youth and system changes for education, upward mobility, community development, family supports and criminal justice reform to build supportive communities for all Americans.

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