Conner Thomas

Lexington, MA

Conner Thomas is a Lead for America – American Connection Corps Fellow who is placed at Partners for Education to engage the region in the Place Matters work of Blue Meridian Partners. Along with supporting the cradle to career work of Place Matters, Conner’s role is to gather qualitative and quantitative data in Kentucky’s Promise Zone with the end goal of moving rural broadband policy through the American Connection Project led by Land O’ Lakes. He is originally from Rowan County, in Kentucky’s Appalachia.

Conner recently graduated from the University of Kentucky with a double major of Finance and Economics. His goal is to bring about positive change to Kentucky’s Appalachia through his Fellowship, serving in the role of Research and Data Liaison for Broadband in conjunction with the host site, Partners for Education. Conner has an interest in uplifting and platforming the voices of those who live in Appalachia, especially traditionally underrepresented groups within it, as he is the grandson of rural farmers and bricklayers.

Sponsoring Organization: Partners for Education at Berea College