“We’re Working on Issues that Affect Us”: Scenes from East Harlem

By: OYUnited, Opportunity Youth United
May. 5, 2017

“Movements have been going on for a long time here in America. In order for a lot of things to change to take place here in this country, is because a lot of groups came together and fought for those changes. We’re working on issues that affect us,” Kim Pham, National Council of Young Leaders said, kicking off a listening session with East Harlem YouthBuild.

Throughout the session, which took place on February 28 in Harlem, New York, members of the National Council of Young Leaders, the steering committee of Opportunity Youth United, came together with members of East Harlem YouthBuild to share ideas and priorities for change.

They explored their individual approaches to making change, and the unique strengths that come from their backgrounds, experiences and personalities.

At the end of the discussion, YouthBuild members were invited to join Opportunity Youth United and work together in the movement to increase opportunity and decrease poverty for all young people.

“It’s going to take you to bring those issues up. Who else is going to be your voice?”


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