On August 30, 2021, the OYUnited Re-Entry Action Committee (RAC) led a project for the annual Harvard Global Day of Service for incoming students. Twenty-two Harvard students joined us for the day, focused on advocacy to improve the justice system.  To open the students’ minds and hearts to the humanity of incarcerated individuals, we started with six inspiring speakers who shared their personal experiences. 
We then moved to advocacy for two bills in Massachusetts: one bill to End Life Without Parole, and another to Improve Parole.  Next, the whole group met virtually with the Policy Director of MA State Representative Decker, to ask her to support the bill that would End Life without Parole.                                                                                                                                                                           

We then learned about the pending federal legislation to End Cash Bail, and to End Mandatory Minimum Sentences.  Wonderful expert speakers from several organizations joined us for the trainings in advocacy principles, action steps, and use of social media.  

Watch the video below for the Introduction to the Day from the RAC Chair, Ernest Boykin, and talks from exoneree Ray Champagne, and RAC Co-chair Crystal Russell.