Francisco Garcia

Phoenix, Arizona

Francisco Garcia is a Youth Development Specialist through Public Allies and AmeriCorps. He is currently placed at the Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development / Casa De Sueños and is working with unaccompanied minors from Latin America. Francisco is an international artist and social entrepreneur that creates murals and artwork that are created with community and contain empowering themes about immigration, justice, faith, and Chicano culture. In 2008, while studying abroad in Mexico, Francisco was inspired and challenged by the work of Los Tres Grandes, the three major figures of the Mexican muralist movement and Frida Kahlo.

In 2014 Francisco was invited to attend the International Artist Residency in India. Francisco has created public art across the US and countries such as Mexico, Europe, and India. In 2008 he won the Eric Fischl Vanguard award which recognizes emerging student talent in the fine arts at the Phoenix Art Museum and was extended invitations to speak at the White House. His experiences include collaborating with different non-profits, art organizations, businesses, and schools. Francisco is passionate about celebrating culture, creating cultural events for the community and working with diverse groups of youth throughout the country.

Sponsoring Organization: Public Allies

“I remember feeling this love in my heart and all of the pain and depression I felt, it lifted. I got introduced to mentors and that was a big change in my life. … When you allow people to find their purpose, the whole world will change.”