Kyle Knox

Phoenix, Arizona

Kyle is both Hopi & Akimel O’odham (Pima) tribes from Arizona,is Isswungwa (Coyote Clan) from the Village of Kykotsmovi on the Hopi Indian Reservation. He is a proud graduate of Arizona State University where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film and Media Production in 2009.

Upon graduation Kyle moved home to utilize his skills in media in the community and worked as a media consultant for various organizations to help create a number of educational and outreach videos. Since that time, he has held various positions for various Hopi Foundation programs but now he serves as the Program Manager for the Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative (HOYI).

Through this HOYI experience Kyle was fortunate to create a previously non-existing network of support from new or existing youth initiatives. Served as a facilitator and convener in the development of initiatives identified as a priority by youth on Hopi. Through collaboration with youth and regional stake holders, Kyle lead in the development of three Pathways to support the broad vision of Hopi youth. These included the creation of mentoring services and opportunities, service learning for career exploration and educational advancement, as well as strengthening the cultural well-being of Hopi youth.

Through his varied experiences Kyle, now residing in Phoenix, AZ, continues working towards advancing his existing goals with the HOYI framework. All while now moving to increase civic engagement in Phoenix and in the surrounding Native American Reservations throughout the state. Now as a member of NYCL Kyle looks to offer insights, support, and resources to the collective while learning how to better himself and his community.

Sponsoring Organization: Aspen Forum for Community Solutions