Julie Jent

Jackson County, Kentucky

Julie Jent is a senior at Berea College where she majors in Political Science. She participates in a work-study program at two on campus positions. At Partners for Education, she strives to help all Kentucky children succeed and at the Center for International Education, she is a resource for applications and connects students to opportunities around the world. Julie was involved with Partners for Education while in high school and remains connected since they are also her Sponsoring Organizations. She was nominated for two White House awards; Champion for Change and Beating the Odds. Julie has lived in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Russia. She was accepted into the U.S. Foreign Service Internship Program where she worked at the Bureau of International Organizations in the Office of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. In June 2017, Julie was named a Sargent Shriver Youth Warrior against Poverty and received $5,000 to decrease poverty in her one stop-light town of McKee, KY. Summer of 2018, after graduating, Julie will continue her work with the State Department at an embassy abroad in Tbilisi, Georgia. Julie has been accepted to Teach for America and is seeking other positions to make a change in Appalachia. Julie plans on running for president in 2036 but in the meantime, she balances between being an avid extreme sports lover and an advocate for change.

Sponsoring Organization: Partners for Education Berea College