Jocelyn Gama

Jocelyn Gama is also a program associate for Urban Strategies and Fellow Lead for Elevate Youth California, one of USC programs. As a researcher, she helped remove Police in Oakland Unified School District with Poor People Campaign, as well as advocate for MACRO, a program initiated to decrease violence, and alternative to police across the world. With her expertise as an organizer, she traveled across the nation lobbying for education funding + FAFSA simplifications as Students Rising Above Ambassador representing thousands of BIPOC+ Foster youth in the education system and taught classes Social Justice Sewing Academy to artivist of textile art while facilitating a conversation about the intersectionality in social issues of America and how it affects humanity today. She is now the Founder of Hyphy X Educated, an intergenerational program that empowers individuals to utilize healing as a political act and different creative forms of expression for personal transformation, community cohesion, and to begin the journey of becoming the agent of social change.